Friday, May 31, 2013

2011 in Review: It Was Too Good to be True

I know everyone else in the world is probably saying it too, but I just can’t believe how fast the past year flew by!  I was thinking about how nothing exiting happened, then when I started looking at all the pictures and tweets from this past year, I realized that it was quite eventful indeed…

January: I started the year off continuing my job at the library trying to fit in time for the forest… I explored the new trees, settled into my new cottage (we had to move) went thrifting…
February: I spent the month reading fairy tales, Celtic legends and poetry… I also discovered my new favorite thrift shop, the Motherlode!
March: My birthday month I spent in style, dining at Clifton’s Cafe and having fun with friends & family! I spent too much money on foresty frocks that month…
April: Jesse finally got his beat up ol’ bug up and running, so we started exploring forests near & far! We climbed mountains, hiked trails, and even went to a treehouse party!
May: Visited a scientific museum and wandered around Indian ruins. I showed the Library’s zone manager my presentation on why our branch needed YA funding!
June: Started going to Flour Fusion’s open mic nights (I could never get there before because I had no car, and the only way to get there was by a 1cm bike lane on a mean street or a inhospitable, despicable and pokeyball-filled trail by the lake!), went on camping trips in the Forest, and had an affair to remember…
July: Read a ton of great books and watched classic films. Jesse took me to La Jolla River for a big summer trip and I started selling my crafts at the Motherlode Rummage Sale!
August: We had quite a scare with a little forest fire on the front lawn, but everything was ok in the end. Children need to heed the message of Smokey the Bear, “Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires…”, had a business meeting in the bookloft to discuss starting a new book club.
September: Celebrated my one year anniversary of working at the library! My mom rescued a stray wildcat, Foxy Little Bear!
October: Had fall fun with forest friends, went to a pumpkin patch and did an owl photoshoot with Kaylah!
November: Started crafting for winter and finally launched my new website,!
December: Had a happy handmade holiday with my friends of the forest & family, sold christmas crafts at Flour Fusion, and went to my first bar!

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