Monday, May 20, 2013

Enter Pixie Hollow in Tinkerbell: The Video Game

Genre: Fantasy / Simulation
Disney Fairies: Tinkerbell gives us a virtual link to the realm of fairies, Pixie Hollow. In this magical world, each fairy has a special talent and uses it in a job doing what they love. When Tinkerbell arrives, she learns that her talents include repairing objects and making jewlery and accessories. She uses her talents to help with the preparation of the seasons, the most important goal in the game. The fairies work hard behind the scenes of human eyes to get flowers to grown, help animals to come out of hibernation, and paint leaves when they're ready to fall. Time passes just like in the real world with the Nintendo DS internal clock, so when night falls you'll see beautiful starry skies and the moon in it's different phases.

Gameplay & Controls
Fly Tinkerbell around with the stylus, tapping arrows to get to new areas. The stylus is also used to do repairs on objects and when making accessories. As the game progresses, there are new techniques to learn with the sytlus...most of the game is controlled with it. Play dress up with Tinkerbell and change her outfit. Do favors for faries and run errands for them. There are also various mini-games to play from collecting gemstones with Iradessa to racing the fast-flying fairy Vidia.

Pretty nice. A little choppy à la Play Station 1, but nonetheless, it looks just like the world of the Tinkerbell movie. The various worlds are beautfully represented, from Fall Forest to Winter Woods.

The music is sweet and simple. The melodies composed by the musc fairies are nice to hear as you explore each world...

Replay Value
Medium. This game never ends, so you can continuously enjoy it.

Fun Stuff
Tinkerbell is the original freelance fortune teller. There is an option in the game to get a daily fortune by rubbing the magic pot. Tinkerbell will see visions in the mist and give you a fortune based on what she sees. Pixie Hollow's resident Storyteller will tell Tink a new story every day that you can save to re-read in your library at home. Holidays are celebrated in the game, and the fairies will be dressed up on All Hallow's Eve. Tinkerbell's boyfriend, Terrence will read recite poetry to her that can also be saved in the library. There are tons of secret worlds to explore! When Tinkerbell puts items she makes in her shop, it could start a fashion trend among the fairies. You can follow the instructions for making the jewlery in the game in real life.

A fun game that gives you a peek into the world of the fairies and lets you occupy the role of one. Great for preteens and pagans.

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