Monday, May 20, 2013

How to Make a Forest Princess Dress!

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Jesse brought me a weddng dress he found in the abandoned in the dumpster. It was all white, strapless, with a bunch of tulle underneath. I decided to make a few changes...

I followed the instructions from Enchanted, the video game, when I made this. First, I gathered my supplies...the dress, a large bucket, black dye, salt, a spoon. I poured hot water into the cauldron and a cup of salt, then the dye, stirring it all up.

Next, I submerged the dress in the dye, mashing and stirring it around in the pot.

Let it sit for a long, long time. When I finaly took it out, the dress was not black but a light grey, only the edges and tulle had turned black. So I prepared my supplies again, let the dress dry out in the sun, and added purple dye to the mix. The end result was a pretty light violet and black dress...

Some pictures in this how-to were from the video game Enchanted.

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