Friday, May 31, 2013

Jingle Bell Time is a Swell Rock This Town Around!

I was so exited when I got a message from my friend Buzzy on facebook to set up a craft stall
in Flour Fusion at the front door on Friday Night!

I ran out to my local craft store, TNT Costumes & Crafts to get supplies to whip up some
products, since I was sold out of wrapping paper, cards, and coffee cozies.

My friend Neil even helped out watching the stall so Jesse and I could go outside together, so nice!

Afterwards, we all went down to the Wreck (my first trip to a bar as a 21 year old!) so I could check out the library,
which had mostly some old romance novels (ugh!) but a patron of the library recognized me and bought me a drink!

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