Monday, May 20, 2013

Live Life Like Art!

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Life is my canvas, my paintbrush is love.

photo by ArtByChrysti

Live your life like it's a piece of art. Create moments, plan elaborate conspiracies for good, dress in costume and make sure you have all the right props. Each new day is a blank page to fill out, see the sights for what they are.

Imagine for a moment that your life is a movie. What would you want the main character to do? Many times, we look back on our mistakes and wish we could change things. We can't, but we can remember to be here now and make the most of our lives. Take the perspective of an audience. What would you do if you were the main character to make this movie exiting?

Pretend you are in a videogame. What are your current obstacles you must beat? How can you "beat" them? What is in your inventory to help you?

Compose your own soundtrack to life and play it at all times.

photo by Rococo Frill

Appeciate the style of others and gain inspiration from it. Whenever I think someone is cool, it's usually for their amazing ability to be themselves. Define your own style and inject it into the world.

photo by renewleeds

The world is your stage, go do what you please!

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