Monday, June 3, 2013

Daily Outfit: Green Stripes & Woodgrain

dress: thrifted
belt: one I’ve had for years, dumpster dived
cardigan: basic brown jazzed up with buttons
sunglasses: 99 cent store
What I wore to work.  I saw this dress in the Lord’s Closet and saved up the three dollars selling my old clothes at a yard sale.

It is a little bit big, so I cinched it with an old green belt.  I can’t wait to wear this dress in the summertime down by the lake!
My friend  David got me this Bambi watch at a thrift shop, I tried to match teal nail polish to it…

Ok, so the only woodgrain thing in this outfit is the ring.
I was going to wear my Finest Imaginary woodgrain fox necklace with it, too
but I’ll save that for summer….

Just a few of my forest pins.  From littleoddforest and!

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