Monday, October 14, 2013

Fun Forest Games for Fall

 Ok, forest friends I have a huge confession to make:  I can be a lazy blogger at times.  Some weeks, I'll have posts planned out for every day and update often.  Other days, I tend to forget to post because I'm so lost in a good video game....that's why this week the blog has been a bit bare.  I got Rune Factory 4, a game I have been waiting three years for and got really into it.  Well, what can I say, video games area huge part of my life.  That's why I've decided to share my favorite fall games with you...

Pokemon HeartGold for Nintendo DS is pure gaming gold!  The fall foliage near the temple of the game's legendary pokemon is very nice to look at...  Last year I played this game in the fall while wearing a pin of a golden feather....

My favorite game to play in Autumn is Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages for Gameboy color.  You use a magic wand to change the seasons while standing on a stump!  This game in fall makes me feel warm inside when playing it with an organic maple pop tart and drinking tea.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 for Wii has a fall tree themed level where you fight a big bug boss.

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