Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Saddest Day in the Forest...


Today was a very upsetting day for the forest....on the very day 123 years ago that one of the national parks I live by and love, Yosemite National Park was founded.  On this anniversary, it has also been shut down.
Due to my country's failing system, they have declared that they can't even run things properly.  The government has been "shut down"  and all campers in national parks have been told that they have 48 hours to evacuate. (Or what, they'll be shot?  They have no power anymore, so in my opinion the parks should be returned to the people)  We've seen this "democracy" fail.  I say the Forest takes over now!  Everyone, meet me at Yosemite, where we will start a new nation, the Forest!

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