Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How to Host a Forest Folk Feast!

Well, friends of the forest it really is a shame ya'll couldn't make it to my Thanksgivin' party.  Don't worry though, I'll show ya how to set up an old fashioned party of your own.  First, you need a designated party station.  I cleared off my desk, put everything in cardboard boxes and used that for a buffet table.  The blank yellow wall with one of my boyfriend's paintings was the background.  The tabletop was filled with food and drink, with a record player and stack of 33's nearby... Seasonal books for party goers to read are a nice touch on the lower shelf.  Purchase some fall colored throw pillows and a wool blanket at a thrift store, and you've got an instant party!

 We don't eat a ton of meat around here, so we decided to get an ice cream turkey instead.  Place turkey in the center of table...

Make a campfire decoration with paper towel rolls and tissue paper.  Have a dress up box of historical costumes on hand and force your friends to dress up!

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