Thursday, January 9, 2014

Porcupine Projects

Well friends of the forest, if you haven't noticed yet I've been a bit obsessed with a certain prickly forest critter lately. Here is a roundup of creative porcupine projects I've been working on this week...

It all started with a few porcupine quills Ol' R gave me a while ago, I was pinning porcupine crafts on Pinterest and saw a ton of things do make with these quills. The only problem is I have so few and porcupines ain't a-plenty in my neck of the woods. So I decided to make my own imitation quills with toothpicks and brown sharpie...These would be perfect for teaching a kid about porcupines!

I was using up some sugar cookie dough and remembered I had a porcupine cookie cutter my mom sent me! I decided to try and make a simple design with a few brown sprinkles I had barely any of...these are very easy to make, just press the sprinkles into the dough before you bake!

Ok, this one is a little rough around the edges, make a porcupine by glueing eyes onto a sideways pinecone and using cardboard feet to prop it up. Sprinkle catnip all over and watch your cats go wild!

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