Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Finding Inspiration in the Forest

Sometimes I get stumped on my journey through the forest.  It's very easy to lose your way, but you can always find directions if you have a guide...Here is a guide on how to find inspiration and keep it coming to you!  Consider it a map of inspiration, a starting point for when you feel lost in the wilderness...

Brainstorm with your team.  Find the people closest to you that support your dreams and vision, then pick their brain for ideas.  Some of my best ideas have come from unexpected people.  When I can't think of anything, I'll quiz my boyfriend Jesse  "What is the first thing you think of when i say forest, porcupine, bike, coffee, ect....?"  Even asking friends who don't love the same things as you could generate ideas!

Go through your supplies.  Try to make new things or remember old projects to finish.  Once you start going through old craft supplies, clothes, or anything you can think of new ways to use them and start being more productive!

Go for a walk in the woods and just observe everything.  The leaves, the trees, the rocks.  Can you re-create that bark pattern onto a fabric.  Look at the way the bugs munch on the leaves, leaving holes.  A hole punch could create leaf art.  I did this with no inspiration before and ended up learning how to call butterflies and saw an old telephone pole in between the trees and got inspired to write a song lyric. Hey that could be our album cover...

Do online research.  Blogs, random google searches, Pinterest...just go online and see what you can dig up.  I can't tell you how much Pinterest has saved my life, now whenever I feel uninspired I just type in random terms and get ideas.  I see things and get ideas for new things, I think, "Paint it green, make it my own."  Be like a porcupine pinning scraps of inspiration to a tree with your quills...

Filter it through the forest. Just as sunlight filters through leaves in the trees, so can you filter every experiences in your life through the forest. (or whatever style you are) So you know someone who loves rap, find a rap artist who has forest lyrics.  Find a common communication line.  Say you like something not strictly forest (like reading comic books.)  turn them into a forest thing, read Smokey the Bear comics, practice romance comic squirrel spotting, read Green Arrow, heck even batman comics for Poison Ivy!

Tap into dream resources.  Sometimes I wake up with the coolest ideas from dreams.  Whether it's an outfit (dreamed of wearing my shorts, woke up and paired them with a gingham top and straw hat, perfect for the weather that day.), a song (sometimes I hear the most amazing melodies and lyrics that I perform in my dreams but forget them upon waking...)  or a project (I dreamt I wore a dress made from vw bug parts,  another time I had a dream I had a pair of suede brown pants with a deer head attached to the top...)  As the saying goes, follow your dreams!

Think.  Just close your eyes, clear your mind and let new ideas come to you...No matter how abstract they seem, just go with it.  I'm sure you can come up with an idea in under five minutes using this technique!

Write it all down.  Have a notebook specifically for ideas.  Draw your project ideas, write everything down, keep lists.  It's very easy to forget these ideas...My notebook has saved my life many times...


  1. I love all the inspiration and positive words. Its so true and so important to keep that notebook close. Some of by best ideas come instantly from most unexpected sources. Keep up the great ideas.

  2. Empress Mess ♥♥March 6, 2014 at 7:53 PM

    Ariel! I love the new blog look! ^_^ Did you actually find any forest rap?

  3. Thanks Emily, well I did hear a song in Jesse's brother's car called "Dirty Nursery Rhymes" but it's very explicit....haha