Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Favorites: Green & White Make Me Feel Allright

Hi friends and followers of the forest!  It's been a great week over here in our neck of the woods...First of all, if you haven't noticed yet, we have completely re-designed the site layout.  We are now open to advertising, and I'll be working throughout next week to re-open the forest etsy shop!  It just feels like I'm finally on my path in the forest, following my dreams!

I've been loving cardboard lately.  It's an abundant and easy to work with material with tons of possibilities for eco-friendly forest crafters.

poster at Folie du Jour

Trees, leaves, seeds,'s all so fascinating to me!

photo and cake by me!

Feeling celebratory this friday!  It's my cousin's birthday tomorrow and mine at the end of the month!  I actually designed one of their birthday cakes one year...

sold at blingmybug

I saw this picture on Pinterest and showed Jesse.  He told me that the vw bugs made in the 60's had a flower vase built in!  Too bad ours is a '73 vw bug...

print by kristina isola

Well have a great weekend everyone, just remember: green & white will make it all right!

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