Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Make Your Own Recycled Forest Bowling Set

Now that spring is fast approaching (at least in my neck of the woods), I like to get out and enjoy the forest before summer hits and its too hot to go anywhere...I love thinking up fun games to play on our picnics, so I made a forest bowling set from recycled and organic materials!

I made my set with glass beer bottles because that is what we had lying around the house that was free for me.  However, I strongly recommend using green plastic bottles from soda (such as sprite) or Perrier water bottles, since glass is very fragile and I'd lose sleep if I knew I was promoting broken glass in the forest...I bowl very lightly not to break it, but for kids plastic would be better. Paint white stripes near the tops of the bottles. For an organic ball, use a coconut.  I love how the coconuts already have holes like a bowling ball built in for grip...

Set up a makeshift bowling lane with big logs or twigs to act as bumpers.  Take turns with friends setting the bottles back up when they bowl, and vice-versa...

Have fun bowling in the woods!

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