Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Favorites: Waters + Woods

Hope everyone is having a very foresty friday.  I for one can't wait for a weekend in the woods!    I'm dreaming of going to the forest by the lake, wearing a woodgrain one-piece, swimming, logrolling, and taking pictures!  

print by Frida Clements

This print really sums up summer for me.  The geometric patterns, the blues and greens blending into a forest and river blur...

source unknown

Welcome to Guitar Lake!  This picture reminds me of a place in my town I like to call 'Slingshot Pond'  which has an old tree in the perfect Y shape.  I've always wanted to use a bungee cord to make a human slingshot to launch into the pond.  I love places like this...

source unknown

Ooh, Lost Lake would be an amazing vacation spot!  
The name conjures up images of mystery, like an old Nancy Drew novel...

I feel like my town's lake looks an awful lot like Lake Hylia from the Legend of Zelda series...

On my reading list for the weekend?  Thoreau's Canoeing in the Wilderness!

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