Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Was Oh So Keen!

Twenty-foresteen, as I dubbed this year, is ending.  It was the year I made an effort to get back to my roots, to live each day to the forest.  The year was everything I wanted and more!  We celebrated porcupine week, made a lot of new crafts, played with butterflies in the forest in springtime, went to the forest at least once a week, celebrated my birthday with a forest bash, had an awesome St. Patrick's Day party that was crashed by an annoying guy that became a pest all year, learned french, tried lots of new recipes, completed a notebook, saw First Aid Kit in LA, celebrated a friend's graduation, sped down the highway blasting Francois Hardy discussing philosophy with drunk punks, went to the movies with wine and cheese to see The Grand Budapest Hotel, bought two accordions, wrote lots of new songs, started a musical, worked on twenty books, hacking several video games, went on a roadtrip to Arizona in the summer, built a bike trailer that I use daily, harvested pumpkins and potatoes from our garden, went to Knott's Berry Farm and rode roller coasters, binge-watched Daria, embroidered, learned to sew a dress in half an hour, watched Beverly Hillbillies almost every day, got a new washboard for my laundry tub, bought new records, tried absinthe for the first time, set up a new music studio, visited our local farm, had an amazing Halloween party, cooking a big thanksgiving feast, made pins for my family, met a new neighborhood kitten, went sledding in the first snow this town has had in thirteen years, had a nice Christmas at home, and just had a great year!

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