Monday, May 20, 2013

A Forest Food Court!

Last night, I had dinner at the dandiest forest-themed diner in the heart of downtown LA, Clifton's Cafe!  My family took me there for my birthday celebration.  This place is so cool, it's like a cross between a hunting lodge, museum and cafe!  I would eat there every week if I lived closer...
This place feels like it was made for me!  Set in California's redwood forests, there are murals of woodland scenes on the walls, pinecones scattered everywhere, framed vintage forest scenes, life-size deer, families of bears dining next to you, and so much more!
Jesse and I wore our classic forests outfits to match.  We're standing in front of  a log cabin with a wishing "river" and an an animatronic raccoon!  We walked around like tourists taking pictures of everything, there was so much to explore.  The building was three stories tall and very detailed.  There was even a small tower built in the top of a redwood tree with a wooden door.  We opened it... Inside it was dark, with a lit up display case of a forest and a vintage forestry lecture recording!  I think it was my favorite part.
I cannot wait to return to this legendary place, the service was great, we got to do whatever we wanted and got a free birthday cake and vintage postcard!  If you live in the area, this is one dining experience you won't want to miss!  More photos can be seen here...

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