Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September in Review

Well, forest friends, it seems September has fallen like an old oak tree.  The month went by far too fast for my liking, but I still managed to have a bit of fun.  Like lying in bed in a green silk nightgown with a jigger of absinthe, watching experimental forest films, finding a vintage brown 60's office chair for free, writing books, starting the Forest Fiction Fan Club, getting new dresses, harvesting herbs, receiving  gifts from friends(wooden mushrooms, a mushroom plaque, and a stone squirrel!) spending time with kind people, organizing my potion cabinet, doodling stumps, getting all excited for back to school season, buying new socks, watching Chip & Dale cartoons in the mornings while I work, my cats wearing ties, getting records from my mom in the mail, going on trips to the seaside, re-reading and re-watching Peter Pan, discovering two amazing 60's forest folk bands, and having some successful yard sales at our house.  

Forest Filmography:
God Help the Girl
Cabin in the Cotton
Taming the Wild
Greenwich Village : Music That Defined a Generation

Songs of September:
September with Pete - Woods
Peter Pan - Jinja Safari
Feeding Line - Boy & Bear
High Highs - Open Season
Forest - Tudor Lodge
Be Like Me - Sunforest
Willow Tree - Tudor Lodge
Loose Leaves - Bright Eyes

Blogs Discovered:

Monday, September 29, 2014

Forest Fiction Fan Club: The Young Forester by Zane Grey

Hi, Forest Fiction Fans!  If you joined this month's book club, here is where you can discuss your impressions of Zane Grey's The Young Forester.  

I chose this book because I love Zane Grey's work.  It all started when I saw the movie Man of the Forest (which I highly recommend if you love western romances!) which was based off one of his books, and decided to read more of his work.  The Young Forester, like many of his novels, is a western, and focuses on the emerging forestry industry in America.  

The story opens with the main character Ken Ward, a city slicker who has dreams of becoming a forester, and is trying to convince his father to let him spend a summer in the Arizona forest and go to forestry academy the following year.  Ken is young and "green", idealizing the forest as a poet would, as seen in this quote:

"I dreamed of forest lands with snow-capped peaks rising in the background; I dreamed of elk standing on the open ridges, of white-tailed deer trooping out of the hollows, of antelope browsing on the sage at the edge of the forests. Here was the broad track of a grizzly in the snow; there on a sunny crag lay a tawny mountain-lion asleep. The bronzed cowboy came in for his share, and the lone bandit played his part in a way to make me shiver. The great pines, the shady, brown trails, the sunlit glades, were as real to me as if I had been among them. Most vivid of all was the lonely forest at night and the campfire. I heard the sputter of the red embers and smelled the wood smoke; I peered into the dark shadows watching and listening for I knew not what..."

He embarks on the trip out west and soon learns that book smarts aren't everything on the wild frontier.  From getting lost in the woods and navigating out, to taming a baby bear cub, Ken goes on many adventures that help him learn to overcome the hardships of the wild west woods.  When he learns of an illegal logging operation, he sends a letter to the forestry department back east.  Eventually he saves the whole forest territory he visits.  

The book contains some very funny parts, such as this sentence from one of the older rangers:
"I knew a lot of what you might call forestry, but the scientific ideas—they stump me."

The Young Forester is a coming-of-age tale with tons of action and adventure.  The theme of a young boy from the city coming to the wild woods is a common one, similar to the movie Park Avenue Logger.  I'm surprised it held my interest all the way through, as I am guilty of being bored when a book doesn't have a romantic subplot.  This novel kept me on the edge of my seat right up until the last words spoken by Ken's mentor "You'll be back in the forests."

Forest Fiction Fans, what did you enjoy about The Young Forester?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Recipe: Enchanted Forest Salad

I don't know about you, forest freaks, but it's been way too hot in my neck of the woods lately.  Summer still lingers and I don't feel like doing much cooking.  Thankfully, I have this enchanted forest salad to refresh myself!  We recently harvested radishes from our garden that I had been hankering to use up. 

a bunch of spinach leaves
5 mushroom radishes
2 tbsp blue cheese
1/4 cup dried cranberries
 a drizzle of apple cider vinegar 

I carved the radishes to look like mushrooms and a gnome, setting aside scraps from the carvings to make pickled radishes. I tossed in a bed of spinach leaves with apple cider vinegar as a dressing, and added crumbled cheese because it reminded me of the spots on a real amanita muscaria mushroom. Dried cranberries complete the forest flavor. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Music Monday: Jinja Safari

I recently had the pleasure of discovering Jinja Safari last week.  This song, Forest Eyes, Peter Pan, and Errol Flynn are all great hits to start off your week.  Enjoy, forest freinds, for I've got to spend the rest of the day writing!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Favorites: Back to Nature

photo by Jose Laino 

I just love the feeling of wrapping up a successful week.  When you finally finish the day's work, close the laptop, let your hair down and let loose at the local forest or bar.  I'm going to have a great time doing just that once I'm finished up with my Forest work for the week.  After that, I'll spend some of my weekend writing (I'm currently working on twelve books) A pencil made from real plants would be a dream to write with...

socks by Target

Every time we go to Target, I always check the men's socks section.  Sometimes I buy them for Jesse or myself, they have a great selection of cute and quirky designs.  I'm loving the back to school ones they put out, and bought the supply pouch and ruler socks this week!

A handy leaf identification guide!

I've been needing a new planner lately...I've been designing my own for years and tweaking the formula to make the perfect planner for my life, but my printer is out of ink and I'd love to just have a scheduling notebook again...This faux bois one seems pretty perfect!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Announcing: The Forest Fiction Fan Club!

Ah, it's finally September  Time for back to school, sweaters, fall leaves, and reading!  I've decided to start an online book club on the Forest.  Each month, I will select a classic forest novel to review.  All our book club selections will be public domain, therefore free and easy to obtain.

Download the Forest Fiction Fan Club's welcome kit here.  This printable kit contains a bookmark reading log, membership card, and two logos you can use as a sticker, bookplate, or paste on a pin!

For September, I've chosen to review The Young Forester by Zane Grey.  I've read many books by Zane Grey, but haven't had a chance to read this one yet.  Download the book here.  On September 30th, I'll be posting my review of the book and there will be a discussion in the comments.  Happy reading, forest friends!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Music Monday: Wrapped Up in Books

Well, it's gonna be a great week, friends of the forest!  I've been busy this week with back-to-work duties.  Reading, writing, starting a book club, and more!  This song by Belle and Sebastian seemed fitting for this week's theme...