Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Mythological Moth!

As a fairy flies through the city of steel and stone, sometimes the forest seems so far.  But it doesn't have to grow through the concrete, the woods behind the park loom, and the plants on porches all say spring is here and so are the butterflies!  

In the parking lot I found the Polyphemus Moth, great guardian of the green with it's owl eyes...the messenger between gandalf and gwaihir in Lord of the Rings.  I carried it home and put it in our garden with a small bowl of fruit and water nearby.  


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

First Faeirie Faire for the Forest + Upcoming Events!

Calling all forest fairies, elves, trolls, and dryads!  My shop, The Forest has recently become something of a greenwood general store in the local festivals.  It all started with the Baltimore Faerie Faire at the Church of the Guardian Angel right down the street from our new house!  

Even though I moved all the way across the country with nothing but a suitcase, between visiting my mom in Arizona, scavenging thrift shops and finding items on the forest floor, I had built up a squirrel's stock of materials to begin building my business from the ground up!

My boyfriend's mom, Wendy and I went for a walk in the park and started gathering inspiration.  I felt I wanted to hold back on my weird woodland ways and not immediately crawl on the grass to gather.  But funnily enough, she started doing that before I did!  Saying things like "Ooh, let me get this clump of moss for you!"  She even found this piece of bark that fit like a bracelet. 

Later that night, I sanded it, stained it and added a flattened fern leaf, working like a forest forger possessed by Pan!  I looked around my workshop wondering what to add to make it really pop when I remembered this decorative wire of green glass leaves & flowers!  The Greenwood Gauntlet is my best piece and still available at my shop!

While vacationing in Arizona I saw a set of grass flip flops for $20 at a rest stop.  I immediately thought to myself "I could make that, better and cheaper!"  So with help from the elves and the shoemaker, I came up with the much more comfortable Feet on the Forest Floor Flip Flops!!!

My first festival in Baltimore was a success, and I will be vending at these next:

St Phillips Church Flea Market June 4th
Charles Village Festival June 5th
Ishtar Belly Dance Concert  July 30th
Scary Fairy Ball October 22nd

Hope to see you there, fresh forest friends!

Friday, December 18, 2015

A Year Walk in the Woods

Year Walk by Simogo is a video game for IOS and Wii U that I recently had the pleasure of playing.  Although I would describe it as more of an experience than a game.  It was a rainy day in a big brown armchair with coffee and candles when I sat down to play...

The game is a point and click adventure through a Swedish forest as you embark on a 'Year Walk' - an ancient pagan tradition that was like a vision quest taken on new year's eve.  As you read the encyclopedia, unlock clues and go deeper in the woods, the story really takes a turn...

 The graphics in this game are really beautiful and reminiscent of Gail Carson Levine's illustrations in Wildwood...the typography of the title reminded me of the album cover by the Decemberists Hazards of Love so on my second play through I listened to the album as I beat the game and it really did go well with the story in my mind.  

I got so into the game I went to Simogo's website to learn more about their other projects such as Bedtime Stories for Awful Children, a free ebook based on the monsters in Year Walk!  Everything they do inspired me so much I started working on a small game of my own with great art that I will release soon!  Until then, enjoy Year Walk as much as I did!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Picnics in the Park

I've always loved living next to a park, so when I got to Baltimore I was happy to find out there was a large park right across the street from the apartment!  When Jesse first took me there, and held my hand as we walked down the stone steps I felt like I was in Central Park in the movie Enchanted!

I started going to the park every morning for breakfast and made fast friends with the critters I call my cousins - the squirrels!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

From the Backwoods to Baltimore...

 I had to leaf my home
I could no longer roam
I had to rake up all the leaves off of my bedroom floor
I went from rich to poor I couldn't have no more
So I flew like a birdie into Baltimore...
Well, friends of the forest, it's been a while.  Over one year since my last post.  This time last year I was living in a 60's dream world, listening to records all day, dumpster diving, going to concerts, riding my bike all around the small town I once called home.  Much has change since then....
I have a new boyfriend named Jesse.  I moved to Baltimore, Maryland.  I have new friends.  I am going to be selling my crafts and tarot readings at a fairy festival in a church down the street.    I go to free art classes at the museum.  I dine at the coolest cafes in the city.  I have visited 4 new states.  I have learned a lot about myself and grown as a person.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fairytale Fun in the Forest

Once upon a time,

I am a girl from the forest.  

I live in a small cottage near the woods
& do all the household chores

After three weeks of weary woodworking, 
I grew tired of chores and wandered into the forest...

Under the tree, shaking silver on me...

A fairy godmother appeared to be

Suddenly, my old rags turned into a ball gown 
through the magic of gratitude...

a simple dress will always do, 
wear your heart on your sleeve
and a smile on your face

I look down to see a pair of magic shoes, glittery glass slippers...

The fairy godmother said to me 

"Finish these chores as quickly as possible, 

and you shall have fairytale fun."  

I scrambled like a squirrel to clean the cottage 
and my wish was granted:

a trip to the theater to see Disney's Cinderella!

Of course, I was on a deadline.  I had to make the 7 o'clock show,,,

As I waited and waited...

Finally a pumpkin carriage arrived to take me through the woods!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Another Woody Workweek...

The weekend in the woods was fun. Riding my new bicycle round, having fun with forest friends, enjoying spring break...Thrifted and dumpster-dived green dresses, a vintage fur coat with an embroidered name inside, a new hi-hat drum, books, vintage green hardcover books filled with pastoral poetry, saddle shoes from the 50's with brown and white leather, brand new shoes to shake away those blues, psychedelic pillows for my pad green with pearls, and brown with falling leaves, smokey the bear forest ranger hats, a bow & arrow, owl candles, flirty green dresses, gold shoes, vintage paula figurines....the list goes on and on.  I need to open my own thrift shop!

Not only do we dumpster-dive, we stumpster-dive!
When they cut down the trees in our neck of the woods, we salvaged the stumps to make into furniture, decorations & to grow mushrooms on!

I try to focus on the forest fun I've been having: like playing dig dug at the autumn arcade where Atari consoles rest in wooden cabinets, coming home to burn incense and dance to records: The Stone Poneys, The Seeds, The Hollies, The Leaves, The Monkees...

For soon spring will end and the door into summer open...