Monday, April 11, 2016

From the Backwoods to Baltimore...

 I had to leaf my home
I could no longer roam
I had to rake up all the leaves off of my bedroom floor
I went from rich to poor I couldn't have no more
So I flew like a birdie into Baltimore...
Well, friends of the forest, it's been a while.  Over one year since my last post.  This time last year I was living in a 60's dream world, listening to records all day, dumpster diving, going to concerts, riding my bike all around the small town I once called home.  Much has change since then....
I have a new boyfriend named Jesse.  I moved to Baltimore, Maryland.  I have new friends.  I am going to be selling my crafts and tarot readings at a fairy festival in a church down the street.    I go to free art classes at the museum.  I dine at the coolest cafes in the city.  I have visited 4 new states.  I have learned a lot about myself and grown as a person.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fairytale Fun in the Forest

Once upon a time,

I am a girl from the forest.  

I live in a small cottage near the woods
& do all the household chores

After three weeks of weary woodworking, 
I grew tired of chores and wandered into the forest...

Under the tree, shaking silver on me...

A fairy godmother appeared to be

Suddenly, my old rags turned into a ball gown 
through the magic of gratitude...

a simple dress will always do, 
wear your heart on your sleeve
and a smile on your face

I look down to see a pair of magic shoes, glittery glass slippers...

The fairy godmother said to me 

"Finish these chores as quickly as possible, 

and you shall have fairytale fun."  

I scrambled like a squirrel to clean the cottage 
and my wish was granted:

a trip to the theater to see Disney's Cinderella!

Of course, I was on a deadline.  I had to make the 7 o'clock show,,,

As I waited and waited...

Finally a pumpkin carriage arrived to take me through the woods!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Another Woody Workweek...

The weekend in the woods was fun. Riding my new bicycle round, having fun with forest friends, enjoying spring break...Thrifted and dumpster-dived green dresses, a vintage fur coat with an embroidered name inside, a new hi-hat drum, books, vintage green hardcover books filled with pastoral poetry, saddle shoes from the 50's with brown and white leather, brand new shoes to shake away those blues, psychedelic pillows for my pad green with pearls, and brown with falling leaves, smokey the bear forest ranger hats, a bow & arrow, owl candles, flirty green dresses, gold shoes, vintage paula figurines....the list goes on and on.  I need to open my own thrift shop!

Not only do we dumpster-dive, we stumpster-dive!
When they cut down the trees in our neck of the woods, we salvaged the stumps to make into furniture, decorations & to grow mushrooms on!

I try to focus on the forest fun I've been having: like playing dig dug at the autumn arcade where Atari consoles rest in wooden cabinets, coming home to burn incense and dance to records: The Stone Poneys, The Seeds, The Hollies, The Leaves, The Monkees...

For soon spring will end and the door into summer open...

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Words of Wisdom: Treeherd's Lament

Last week I Jesse dumpster-dived me a tiny book called 'A Tolkien Treasury'.  As I've always been a fan of Tolkien, I was excited to read the Tolkien-inspired poems, recipes, and essays by a community of writers.  I opened it to this poem by Ruth Berman and enjoyed it enough to share it with the friends of the forest!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Thriftin' & Driftin'...

Spring has sprung in my neck of the woods and that means lots & lots of bike rides around my lakeside town, thrifting, hosting yard sales, making and selling jewelry, dumpster diving, hanging out at the park and more!  I feel like a hillbilly hippie california girl...and I am so ready for the summer!

If ya haven't noticed, I got bit by the bug: Monkeemania!  I started watching episodes from their swingin' sixties television show, playing them on Spotify...then Ol' R brought me home all their albums from a yard sale!  I spent the rest of the day burning incense and listening to this record...

I've been meeting a rainbow of cute girls lately...the other day I met this girl Chelsea at the park, she was so sweet and chill...her boyfriend had a vintage wooden longboard and was doing tricks under the trees!

I've been making money at my yard sales lately with a new hobby: flipping video games!  There's this guy who always shows up, sometimes three times a day demanding to buy games!  I buy them at local yard sales and sell it to him for a tidy profit!  

I finally got around to checking out a new thrift shop in town, Neat.  I know the owners, they gave me a good deal on these records!  I like how they make a scene...

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Legend of the Leprechaun Ear

Happy St. Patrick's Day, friends, freaks, and fanatics of the forest!  

This morning I got up and started cooking for my annual St. Patty's Bash.  On the Irish itinerary was listening to the song 'Kicking Stones' by the Monkees...

on a giant toadstool stood a teeny-tiny gnome
and from his pipe came magic music like I never heard!
he said the party's over please come back in 1,000 years...

I started daydreaming and thought, what if once every thousand years, a real leprechaun would show itself on St. Patrick's Day?

I went to cooking and made the food for the party: bangers & mash, soda bread with a cheese spread, lucky cabbage pasta, cornbread with green bell peppers, tie-dyed blue and green muffins, candy...

The wooden television played Darby O'Gill and the Little People, a classic Disney movie about an Irish fairytale...As I cut up the bell peppers for the cornbread, I found the most magical treasure:

A leprechaun's ear.
A leprechaun's ear?
A leprechaun's ear!

You see, it is whispered on the wind that if you find a leprechaun's ear on St. Patrick's Day and whisper one wish into it, and do not utter a single complaint that will be granted the wish.

I whispered "I wish to see a real leprechaun..." and held that ear in my pocket all night.
To catch a leprechaun one must wait patiently...

Luckily, I know the secret to catching a leprechaun.  One must cook the legendary 'Pot O' Gold" and you must make it just right: big, round buttery gold sweet potatoes, real Irish cheddar cheese, no skins, and piping hot.  Place the pot near a tree and wait...

When the leprechaun goes for the pot o; gold, turn around behind the tree...

And you will see a real leprechaun!

Remember, forest folks, this phenomenon is only possible once every 1,000 years!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Music Monday: The Monkees

When love comes knocking on your door...
It's gonna be a magic carpet ride, and loving me will make you high!

When Loves Comes Knockin' At Your Door by The Monkees is one of my favorite forest folk songs!  On their second album, More of the Monkees (which is ironically my favorite Monkees album, it was the Monkees most hated because they had no creative control over it) Songs like this give me a second to close my eyes and daydream about forest fun...