Monday, May 20, 2013

Charming Your Chores

It's almost that time of the year again-  time to start fresh and get rid of clutter.  Spring, which in turn leads to Spring Cleaning!  Now, I know we all hate to be bothered with keeping house, but it is true that an ordered living space reflects an ordered mind.  Don't you want your house, room, or whatever you live in to be as clean as a castle? One way to change your life is by first changing your surroundings! Channel your inner Cinderella to turn domestic drudgery into fairytale fun with these tips!

Sweep the negativity out of your home and your life.  Use a broomstick and imagine all the negative vibes, the bad chi being swept away too...

Do the easy chores first.  What are your favorites?

Make a playlist to listen to whenever you do chores.  Make it upbeat and fast paced to keep you moving and get the job done quick!  Here's my mini mixtape:

Whistle While You Work(Swedish Version)-Snow White
Chambermaid-Emilie Autumn
An Apple a Day-Aqua
Happy Working Song-Amy Adams
Cleaning Out My Closet-Eminem

Get your animal friends to help out!  Dogs love to lick dishes clean and a cat can sweep with it's tail!  Open the windows and allow birds to carry paper towels to you and whatnot.

Wash the dishes in the warm soapy cauldron of the sink, always clean things in a counter-clockwise motion. To get dishes extra clean chant:
I clean I cleanse I rinse away
All the filth from yesterday
I wash I scrub I clean the grime
I want to make these dishes shine!

Wear your best worst brown rag dress when cleaning.  A nice headband or bandana would be a cute accessory!

Be the queen of multitasking!  Tune up your musical abilities while you do your chores: practice singing, dancing, or whistling!

Sewing:  Learn to mend your clothes or sew some buttons on to change the look.  You could even make your own gown out of things lying around the house: curtains, an old pearl necklace, bits of lace?

Go green.  Mix your own magic potion cleaning products from safe ingredients.
For cleaning stains, windows and magic mirrors a solution of lemon juice + vinegar is your best friend.  Get rid of grimm grime with baking soda + water and if you need a strong disinfectant, combine 2 cups water + 3 tbls liquid soap + 25 drops of tea tree oil to make it fresh!.

Dusting is the most boring of all chores.  Draw pictures or leave messages in the dust instead...

Invest in a cute bucket for mop water, dying clothes, and doing laundry the old-fashioned way.  It's way nicer on the enviornment!

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