Monday, May 20, 2013

Exploring the New Trees

Outside my new cottage there are tall trees with pine needles that drop tiny cones and cool leaves.  I gathered some up and made prints in my notebook.  I want to be a forest  ranger, so I've been reading vintage field guides and books on environmentalism. Wearing an old girl scouts vest and skirt I found in the Thrift Store Dumpster; I'll make my own patches for leaf identification, foraging, nature walks, crafts....

We had a pine cone storytime and craft at the library where I work.  I wore my pine cone ring, I've been looking for another miniature pine cone to make more!  At work, I went into an enchanted forest room and gathered a skirt full of pine cones for art projects...when I got home, my mom had gone thrifting and got me a whole bunch of ornaments with the same mini pine cones!

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