Monday, May 20, 2013

Fall Fun

Welcome, my friends of the forest, to a monday morning Merry ~ Go ~ Round!  Sit down, relax, and make yourself at home...  Can I offer you a Keebler®  cookie?  Now that the weather's finally coming to a cool we can sit in my room and drink tea while the scent of pumpkin spice fills the air... Would you like to take a peek at my scrapbook?

Lately my life has been brimming with activity: making breakfast berry wraps (french toasted flatbread, cashews, dried cranberries, cheese, and honey rolled up!); making arts & crafts; reading books I found in the Thrfit Store Dumpster (Howl's Moving Castle and Divine by Mistake); entertaining my two cats; studying Shakespeare;  saving money for one of those newfangled enchanted carraiges; merry-making; playing with my new dollhouse (found at yard sale for $1!); working;  staring at pictures of folk costumes; putting together my portfolio; and creating collages like this one:

Now, dear readers, I'd like to direct your attention to some of my new favorite blogs...

Twig & Thistle, for their wonderful collection of free printable crafts.

In Olden Times, a faiytale and folklore blog hosted by my soul step-sister Alice Grimm!

Take a fairytale trip though Germany...the ultimate pilgrammage!

Once Upon a Blog...for all your fairytale news!

Fairy Dust & Happy Thoughts is a new blog with all a daily dose of positivity.

Jester's Museum of Wonders, my talented boyfriend's online art gallery.

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