Monday, May 20, 2013

Forest Finds: From Germany with Love

Welcome everyone to yet another round of Thrift Treasures, my weekly round up of the best finds in the secondhand shops in my neck of the woods.  This week, I found lots of kitschy knick-knacks:
A cute cloth cottage that I dug up in the sadly defunct A.C.T.S thrift store, a labrynth of awesome stuff and themed rooms that got shut down... I think the cottage is a tea cozy, what should I do with it?
Another cool item, a German wall hanging recipe that I cut up to make a skirt has an adorable folk art pattern of a brother and sister in traditional German outfits.  I'm inspired!
Last but not least, I found this miniature cuckoo clock in a box of christmas ornaments for 25 cents at the Corner Store.  It's volkskunst made in Germany, and I love it!  I turned it into a brooch and wear it all the time!
Who knew Lake Elsinore was such a big importer of German goods?  Till next time, folks...

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