Monday, May 20, 2013

Forest Finds

Hello, everyone!  I promised photos of my forest finds, so here they are!   I tend to frequent the closest  three thrift shops in town, and all the merchants know me and  give me bargains on great stuff!  Here are some of my best buys of the week:

While I was at work, Jesse went to the Corner Store and bought me a set of deer candles, pine tree cookie cutter, and a rabbit rubber stamp.  He surprised me with the goods after work and said there would be no more forest stuff at the place the next day.  Well, we went again and I dug around in a Christmas box and found ceramic deer!  My thrift scouting skills are still sharp...

I went to my favorite secondhand shop, The Lord's Closet to get a pretty teal shirt and this vintage Little Red Riding Hood pin.  I saw it in the case and shrieked "How much?!"  I paid a mere two silver coins for it!  The best part I discovered afterwards:  The flowers are earrings that can be removed!

Another present from the best boyfriend in the forest, a pine bottle from Yosemite national park.  It used to contain pine perfume, but is empty.  Perfect for a magical potion of patchouli and berries!

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