Monday, May 20, 2013

Forest of Photos: Summer of Sales

Just some more photos...we bought Jesse a new camera for his birthday, and used it to take a picture of my new desk that we found on the side of the road.  It's making me feel way more inspired to sit down at the stump seat and blog!
I was digging through Ol' R's chest of memories and founds tons of old maps of the local forest, even one from the Cleveland National Forest, our District 5 woodland area.  Jesse and I are going to drive up there for a hike soon...
We've got a new job: freelance forest rangers.  We go out in the woods and pick up cans, trash, and supplies.  Then we recycle what we can and make crafts to sell with the rest of what we find.  It don't pay much, but at least he could afford to get me this patch from a yard sale commemorating our efforts!
Here are a few of the crafts I've been selling.  I'm going to be at the swap meet in the parking lot of Motherlode Thrift next week, Saturday the 31st selling these and many more fine forest products! 
Last but not least, I finally earned my first merit badge in being a happy camper!  Lee Meszaros made me this patch and sent it in the mail...

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