Monday, May 20, 2013

Forest Princess Perfumes

When I was younger, a friend and I  hitched a ride out to the mall where we would run around exploring and trying on different perfumes.  My favorite was always Vera Wang's Princess.  The smell reminded me of fun, exitement, violets, wonder, luxury.  I recently discovered that there are a bunch of new varieties of the scent, and made a polyvore set for each imaginary princess...

Earth Princess walks around the forest with a bow and forest animal companions.  Her clothes are not exactly the best for a walk in the woods, but it doesn't matter.  The dres snags on twigs and breaks and looks even cooler.  She is always carrying enough coins and an assortment of herbs.  She takes care of the animals of the Forest and has healing powers.  She is wild and untamed.  At night, she sinks back into the earth and rises in the morning as a tree or plant.

Forest Princess is me if I were a princess.  I would live in a castle of interconnected treehouses with my friends and run through the forest with the creatures. My black cat Keebler would be with me everywhere I went.   We would swing and climb trees all day, make crowns of flowers for my hair and make pretty things from jewels, twigs, and items found in the woods...

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