Monday, May 20, 2013

How to Get Wood Grain Nails

Living in the forest, I can't help but have a healthy appreciation for faux bois.  I got bored of my basic green manicure and decided to try out an idea I've had for a while: wood grain nails.  Here's how you can get the look too!
First, you'll need a small piece of wood grain shelving paper.  I get mine at the local drugstore and use it to cover anything and everything, so why not put some on your nails?
Outline the shape of your nails on the back of the paper.  This part can be kind of tricky, I tried to trace mine under the paper, you may need to resize them accordingly.
Cut the pieces out and apply to clean, cut nails.  The paper I used seemed to work better on short nails with a flat surface than long rounded nails.  If you want, you can apply a top coat of clear polish to seal things in, but you might have to keep pressing down on the paper to keep it flat until it dries.
There you go!  Gorgeous wood grain nails!

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