Monday, May 20, 2013

It's Finally Fall- Fun Things to Do

Now that it's finally fall (though living in Southern California, I don't think I'll ever experience a real fall!  It's 7 am and I'm already hot and sweaty as I write this!) Let's all get into the spirit of the season with some fun activities...
Curl up with a good book!
I had my one year anniversary of working at the library a few weeks ago, so Jesse took me to the bookshop after work and bought me a stack of books.  I was in the children's section when Wildwood caught my eye.  Once I saw that it was written by Colin Meloy, lead singer of The Decemberists, I knew I had to read it! 
Get a faux bois manicure!
I love the idea of nail art, but I could never find any ideas that went with the forest style.  Until I tried using wood grain Con-Tact paper to cover my nails and a leaf hole punch for an accent!
Bake some autumn treats!
I love the smell of baking cookies in the fall, so to bring in the new month, I had a bake-off yesterday!  Owl cookies are sweet with cranberry eyes and an almond beak, and not too sugary for those who prefer natural foods.

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