Monday, May 20, 2013

Live Each Day to the Forest

You've heard the phrase "Live each day to the fullest." Well, I want to live each day to the forest! I want to fill each day with long walks in the woods, frolicking with friends and writing in this storyblog. Explore the enviornment. Take the beaten path, follow the trail that beckons from the safe route to work.  You never know what's lying just around the bend... 

I took the bus to work today and decided to take a path and see where it went.  Listening to Bright Eyes on my iPod and carrying a stuffed animal with me... I found a keychain from the animal shelter and placed it in Sami the Squirrel's hand.  At the library, we were having a squirrel-themed storytime.  The children's coordinater told a tale of a squirrel who was busy preparing for winter and had no time to sit idly with friends.  Sounds a lot like my life. I wandered into the Enchanted Forest Room where we keep the art supplies and got some extra acorns and a turqouise construction paper squirrel.  When I drove home from work, there was a letter for me in the mailbox!

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