Monday, May 20, 2013

Luck O' the Forest

Happy St. Patrick's Day my friends of the forest!  The celebration started yesterday witha  storytime at the library where I work.  The branch was blasting traditional irish fiddle music, it was so fun! I spent the day baking irish cream cupcakes and eating them with friends outside the local Irish dive bar, Lucky's Tavern.  Jesse and I went thrifting and now we're going to make our traditional St. Patrick's Day dinner, green scalloped potatoes
Yes, I am Irish and celebrate St. Patrick's Day every year.  What better exscuse to wear my favorite color, greenLast year, I hosted a big bash in the park complete with scavenged green furniture, but this year I felt more low-key.  Even though the origin of the holiday comes from a saint who tried to convert all of Ireland to Christianity.  I believe in freedom of religion, and the old ways of Ireland.  Now, it seems the original meaning of the holiday has backfired into an all-out pagan party day, perhaps too much...
What do you do on St. Patrick's Day?  Any special traditions?

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