Monday, May 20, 2013

The Last Campout of the Summer

The other day, Jesse and I made an escape to the nearest wilderness we could find...the Cleveland National Forest on the Ortega Mountains!
We spent some time checking out all the local tourist attractions we had never been to before...The Ranger Station, the trails, the candy store that sold berries and squirrel nuts, old Smokey the Bear memrobilia, souvenir shops, the secret mountain roads...
Our campground was host to a whole troop of boy scouts who marched by in uniform as we were cooking breakfast (fry bread with honey and glazed nuts)...They even helped Jesse push his bug out of a ditch!
Jesse and I are used to camping in the backwoods where no one bothers us, so we were quite surprised when the local Forest Ranger threatened to give us both a ticket for not depositing our cash right away!  Normally we always do on the way out at Mt. Palomar... Jesse explained that we were sorry and had made a mistake and please not to give us a ticket as it would ruin my reputation with the Forest industry I am working so hard to get into.  The Ranger lectured us for a bit then gave us his number to call for a volunteer oppurtunity!

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