Monday, May 20, 2013

The Workshop is Open for Business

I've been hiding out in my magic workshop the past few days, re-decorating and crafting it up!  Jesse and I found a vintage wood shelf on the side of the road for free so we took it back to the workshop.  I was able to organize tons of supplies that had nowhere to go and use it as an office desk for my buisness!

I used to feel so uninspired, I barely went into my workshop.  It's in the garage and is usually dark, hot and messy.  I never wanted to open the garage because the neighborhood kids bug me and I don't want distractions while I'm working. (plus, I like to play music and movies and don't want people making fun of me!  then again, sometimes I say "who cares, they blast rap all day?" and start playing what I want!)

Now I love my craft room and can't wait for fall so I can work in there on a cloudy day!  I've been working on my packaging lately, it was never very good before and I wanted it to reflect the Forest's brand image better.  I sit at my new desk and tap out price tags on my typewriter while listening to Rasputina-Five Fleas!
Now all my products come with cute foresty cases and are mailed in green packages!  I'm so exited, I'm ready to launch my new company  next week!  Be sure to keep an eye on my etsy...

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