Monday, June 3, 2013

Movin' Through the Forest

In case any friends of the forest are wondering, yes I’m still alive.  I finally ran away to the woods…metaphorically, that is.  It all started the day I quit my job to do what I really wanted to do for years…work from home selling forest finds online and updating this blog!  It was all set to work so perfectly…I had my own craft room, a green vw bug, and a budding craft career selling at local swap meets.  That day, I left work to start a new life.  However, in the twisting forest of fate, the path is not always straight.  I came home and my mom’s old best friend from high school was at the house to stay.  Long story short, she moved in, we moved out and got a big place together.  I’m not used to living with a ton of people and mostly just like to have the house to myself to get up in the morning and do the three C’s:  Cooking, Cleaning & Crafting.  I barely had time to work on my blog or update my shop since we were moving around so much and everything was packed up.  At this time, I finally got the opportunity to move in with my boyfriend Jesse.

Now, I’m living with Jesse but things are still kind of rough.  We don’t have internet yet, Jesse’s looking for a job everyday, and we won’t get any more financial aid until school starts, then we can finally pay our car’s insurance and get to school.  It’s so hot these days I mostly just sit around exploring a virtual forest in video games, but once things get in order this blog will be booming again, flourishing like a new forest!

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