Monday, June 3, 2013

Poison Piney

I’ve got a bad case of Poison Ivy, friends of the forest!  It all started when I started perusing through old comic books at the library and found a tale about Poison Ivy and her erotic, eco-friendly escapades!  People have told me many times that I remind them of Poison Ivy, I take it as the ultimate compliment…  Her style is so inspirational to me as a forest gal.

How to Channel Your Inner Ivy:
Listen to the Coasters – Poison Ivy
Read the short story Rappaccini’s Daughter
Go Green…(and if you haven’t already you deserve to rot like fungus!)
Hug a tree, share the energy of plants and ask them to share their wisdom.
                       Cultivate a collection of lipsticks each with a different effect:  green to turn them onto to ecology, red to poison the victim, purple infused with magic mushroom spores to intoxicate the enemy…
Concoct  a signature scent of plant based product and be aware of their different effects.
Be a planty pin-up.  Wear green lingerie and fishnets under that forest frock.
Wicked Wardrobe Tips:   get a one piece green swimsuit, elf boots, leaf bracelets, leaf necklace, leaf hair accessories, green pumps vintage dresses,  yellowish green tights, green tights with a green skirt or dress combo, basically  forest fashion vamped up to a vintage vixen!
Drink potions of plants that will help you live longer and feel younger (and possibly turn you into a plant too…after all you are what you eat!)
Become a budding botanist and study science like Pamela Isley before the experiment.

Anyways, my plan for 2012 is to take on a new alter-ego: Poison Piney!  Her background is a mystery-she is either the little sister of Poison Ivy or the secret child of Ivy and Robin…The super heroine who fights for the forest and convinces people to go green just by making green look so good.  A pixie pin up in forest green lingerie and fairy wings, wears perfume of ground pine needles, pine bark, sage  and sandalwood oils.  She gathers leaves in the forest to use for makeup concoctions and is half-dryad.

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