Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Foraging for Food

This month I really felt like an example of a starving artist.  We had to really pinch our pennies with a ton of unexpected expenses this month and the cupboards are bare.  Well, there are a few cans of beans up there that Ol' R will yell at me if I touch but I don't wanna risk my neck.  I'm used to eating a healthy organic diet full of greens, and Ol' R thinks a salad is iceburg lettuce drenched with ranch.  The only way I could get a  fresh salad was straight from the source.

Luckily, dandelions grow right on our front lawn and every part of the plant is edible.  I pulled them up by the roots (which are pretty small since I harvested early, but when you're hungry you have no choice)  Rinsed, scrubbed and peeled the roots, tossed the leaves in a mix of olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic.  It was a good salad, but I wish I could find more edible plants like mushrooms and berries...  Got any foraging tips, friends of the forest?

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