Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How to Make Reindeer House Slippers

Now that it's getting cold, I just love to bundle up in cozy forest clothes!  I recently dumpster dived these house slippers and my boyfriend's dad gave me an idea when he told me to put antlers on them to make deer slippers!  I thought "What a great idea!" and got to work...

Supplies you will need: slippers, scissors, googly eyes, glue (tacky glue for a tacky craft!), brown and tan felt, twigs, pom-poms, and an icepick (optional).

First, cut out four ears from the tan felt and glue to the sides of the slippers.  Next, pick out four matching googly eyes and glue on.  Take the scissors or icepick and poke a hole on the side of each slipper, then stick a glue covered twig in the holes.  Finish the project with two pom-poms for the deer's nose.  Now put them on and make a cup of hot cocoa while you watch christmas movies!

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