Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More Blogging Tips

I've been blogging for the forest for six years now. Every year I seem to learn a little bit more about the business.  Every year I share what I've learned on my blog... If you're interested in blogging, read on...

Don't be afraid to post "superficial content". My new year's resolution is to blog every weekday.  Some days the only thing I can post a daily outfit and  I beat myself up mentally for not having more content about saving the forest and going green.  However, I remind myself that maybe the daily outfit could inspire someone too and it's better to have superficial content that day than none at all.

Pick one platform and stick with it....I started this blog six years ago on freewebs.com.  Back then blogging was big and I had a handful of comments and readers.  Then I felt that no blogger could be professional enough unless they had a self hosted wordpress blog with a custom url.  I spent tons of money on hosting fees and wasted so much time transferring all the old blog articles, making them perfect for the new layout, ect.  What happened?  Life happened and I didn't have internet for half a year, all that hosting expired in a year and since I had finally quit my job to pursue my dream I couldn't afford to renew.  I had to migrate all my content again to blogger, which I used to hate.  Now I love blogger and wish I would have just made my blog on here originally.  Some people may nitpick that it's unprofessional, but who cares?

Blog because you want to, not to make money, become famous or whatever. Take it from me, I've been doing it forever and was once so close to becoming a big name blogger I could almost taste it. I'm nowhere near where I was before, but the ironic thing is my blog is better than it was back then. Blogging may be dying, but that won't stop me. I blog because I wanted to share this forest subculture I discovered and have a sort of online scrapbook. People might see this blog and think 'What's the point, she has no comments, no followers and no sponsors. Well, some of us don't blog just to get attention and comments. I will keep my blog as long as I want and I would still blog even if no one read my blog (which isn't too far from the truth actually...)

Forget about paying for advertising.  Now this may sound crazy, but some of the biggest bloggers out there have admitted that they have never spent a cent on advertising.  You can comment on blogs, advertise your etsy shop, use social networking, ect.  Don't try to reach out to a big-name blogger who will just feature your ad for ten minutes a day and get richer off it.  I will always feature free advertising for forest blogs and brands, contact me at theorignalforestgirl@gmail.com for more info...

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  1. Good tips, buddy. Too many people start blogging for the wrong reason and then abandon the effort when they realize they aren't going to get rich or famous.