Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Daily Outfit: Basic Brown Squirrels

Hi, friends of the forest!  Today I wore a very basic outfit to wear around the office.  I am very much a believer in recycling outfits, so I paired an old squirrel pattern shirt with a basic brown pencil skirt and matching  squirrely accessories...

I made this necklace several years ago  and decided to pair up basic browns with  wooden accessories.  The shirt was found on a dumpster dive years ago. I matched a beige polka dot sock set to my brown patent leather shoes...


  1. So cute! Squirrels are the best. We have many in my neighborhood and I always smile when I see one.

  2. Hehe, me too! I used to live across from a field full of those lil varmits!
    They're great subjects for photography as well...