Thursday, May 15, 2014

Make a Specimen Folder!

I don't know about you, friends of the forest, but I have a habit of collecting a lot of leaves, mushrooms, bugs and flowers.  I tend to bring home a lot for art projects, but never had a set place to store them.  That's when I decided to make this specimen folder with supplies I had lying around the house.  

Supplies needed:  blank white folder, blank white paper, those plastic trading card sleeves, notebook paper (or any lined paper) scissors, glue.  Oh, and you're going to want to gather lots and lots of leaves in the forest!

First, gather your leaves off the forest floor and glue them on the blank white paper.  When you're done, insert the decorated sheet into the cover of the folder.  This step is optional, but makes the folder look amazing!  Next, cut up the notebook paper.  I used some vintage inventory files I had found, but notebook paper will work too.  Insert those pieces into a plastic sleeve.  You will want these behind the specimens to write the date, location, and any info on them.  Finally, just take all your leaves and place each one in the plastic sleeves!  


  1. Very cute:) I have this wonderful little notebook, one of those thick leather-bound ones, and I put fun pictures in it, artsy stuff, but also pretty leaves or flowers sometimes. I actually found the prettiest flower last year and pressed it, it became even more beautiful, but I have no idea where it is anymore. I really hope I'll find it again...

  2. Your notebook sounds magical... I hope you find the flower someday!