Monday, June 9, 2014

Forest Finds: Records and Books

I went on a small thrifting trip this morning and got a few things.  I was hoping to find cute summer dresses but the stores weren't offering much.  For two bucks, I was able to get some records and books, though...

Old Tangle Eye by Ralph. E Johnston, a cute vintage book I couldn't resist.  I love vintage books (and yes, I actually read them.)  This and some others will be great to pack on my trip to Arizona this summer...

I found a Grassroots record I picked up for kicks.  The Grassroots are one of my favorite bands.  'Live For Today' is their best song.  I found out they're playing near me this summer, I kind of want to see them since they're one of the few 60's bands I love still together (or even alive!)

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