Friday, October 31, 2014

A Black & Green Halloween Feast

For our Halloween dinner, I wanted something that would not only be quick and easy to prepare, but of a black & green palette.  I had a small budget of ten dollars and managed to make a great feast.

The first idea I came up with was to use black bean chips with guacamole.  The problem?  We couldn't find any black bean chips the day before Halloween, so I improvised.  I used the avocado chips I often buy at the 99 cent store.  A can of black beans we already had became a black bean dip, and the guacamole was swirled on top to create a spooky effect.

While browsing the stores, I noticed a green pepper and grabbed it at the last minute for the party.  I wanted to stuff it with cheese, but ran out, so we just ripped it up and ate it with...

Skull and crossbones crudites!  I purchased mushrooms and a mixed veggie bag at the 99 cent store.  Since cheese was expensive and I was serving a crowd, I just bought those laughing cow wedges since they were the cheapest.  We have a skull baking pan at the house, so I put a piece of plastic wrap in it and molded a cheese skull.  I added two olives to add eyes, and made the crossbones out of pieces of cauliflower.

The remaining cheese was used to make an arugula wrapped cheese ball.  

Halloween wouldn't be complete without treats, so I grabbed a small bag of my favorite candy, chocorooms!  That was the only candy I got that night!

For refreshments, I served green chia seed juice.  We already had the chia seeds at home.  I liked it because I thought the chia seeds could look like bugs on Halloween!

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