Saturday, October 18, 2014

Recipe: Forest Flatbread

A fun lunch was had in the forest today.  I decided to play with my food and used ingredients we had in the fridge with a flatbread I got in the grocery store's bargain bin.  Forest Flatbread ended up being very fun to make, and you can enjoy creating your own with this recipe...

1 piece flatbread
2 mushrooms
spinach leaves
red chard leaves
radicchio leaves
green onions
half an apple
1 tablespoon pesto

When I was making the Forest Flatbread, I originally wanted to make a book and use pesto in a squeeze bottle to write 'Once upon a forest..."  The pesto I had was a little oily, so I decided to create a scene instead.  I used a piece of flatbread to make this scene, but you could use naan, a tortilla, or just about anything to create it!  I spread a little bit of pesto on the bottom to create a soil/ground layer.  I gathered green onions from our garden and cut them short, then pressed them into the pesto to resemble grass.  I sliced the mushrooms in half and placed them among the grass, leaving the ends to give a 2D effect.  With some of my cookie cutters, I cut spinach and red chard into leaves.  I used a flower cutter on the radicchio leaves and a tiny circle from the white part of purple cabbage to create flowers.  We had an apple in the fridge nobody wanted, so I decided to incorporate it into my scene.  The tree's trunk is made of sweet potato skin, and the leaves were arranged for the top.  It was a delicious lunch!


  1. That is adorable!
    Have you ever made bento boxes? I bet you would love that too:)

    1. Thanks, Laura! I have a yellow bento box I got years ago. I used to make 'americanized' bento boxes. I want to get back into bento again...