Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Squirrel Girl's Adventures

We went down to the west woods today, near Walnut Grove.  The old field that I once walked across on my breaks at the library, to the old coffee shop we used to hang out at.  This side of town has many old memories for me.  The field is home to several walnut trees, beehives, and pecans!

Many squirrels live in this field and most of the walnuts had already been devoured by the little critters.  We gave them unsalted peanuts as we walked the old winding path...

Walnuts are encased in a wrinkly leather, and appear bright green when fresh.  I had to peel the nuts and scrub them before cooking with them... I plan on making walnut bread in a squirrel pan I have while watching the classic film Nut Farm tonight.  

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