Saturday, December 27, 2014

Daily Outfit: Into the Woods

The day after Christmas, my mom came into town from out of state and we went to the movies to see Into the Woods.  I have been a big fan of the musical for years and could not wait to see it adapted to the silver screen!  The fact that I'm currently writing my own musical doesn't help... I wanted to wear an outfit that told the story of into the woods.  I even wore false eyelashes with witches, trees and a graveyard!

An owl pocketwatch I got for Christmas.  It has nothing to do with Into the Woods aside from the fact that there are owls in the woods.  I just wanted to wear it since my mom got it for me.

A matching mushroom pin...

I have owned this skirt by Made with Love by Hannah for years.  Since it has a big green forest and some of the characters from Into the Woods, it went perfectly with this outfit!

I recently picked up these tights from Hot Topic and wore them, though there are no bears in the play.

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