Monday, January 19, 2015

Forest of Photos...Woodsy Weekend

Howdy, forest friends!  Life has been good to me lately.  I've been savoring these slow days of simple pleasures this month, as I just got a new teaching job that I start next week!  Gotta make the most of these days while I can...

I hosted a little craft party at the park on Friday.  I wanted to try making edible terrariums I had seen on My Paper Crane, since my mom sometimes sends me chocolate rocks from Arizona.  My forest friends and I had fun making the tiny worlds in jars...

I used some of the decorations my mom got me for my birthday last year, like this sugar squirrel!

On Saturday, Ol' R came home with an antique pump organ from 1913!  We had ourselves a party that night, as we all gathered round to play songs on the organ.  The best part?  The organ is going to be gifted to Jesse and I as a wedding present and we get to keep it in our room!  Looks like my resolution to learn piano this year is being changed to pump organ!

Ol' R also got me a new squirrel bowl for my collection!  I got the large one in the lower left at Motherlode Thrift, then started finding the smaller ones over the years.  I received the cookie jar and bowl for Christmas from Jesse and his sis-in-law, & the new one I got from Ol' R has a grey squirrel and a teal unique!

At the end of the party on Saturday night, we went outside to hang out with our new critter friend, This lil' raccoon has been living in our backyard for four days now.  He took my laundry off the line and made a bed out of it!  We give him a few scraps at night.  (Please don't lecture me on feeding animals, I already know how to do it properly.  I have had to lecture others about it.  The streets are hard for animals these days, and someone needs to provide a safe space for them.)

All in all, it was a great weekend.  Sunday mornings I cook a big breakfast for everyone and we all pile up on the couch to watch old tv shoes like the Beverly Hillbillies or Have Gun, Will Travel but I don't really take pictures of that because his dad's area of the house is messy.  Just imagine us all sitting on a couch cracking up!

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