Thursday, May 26, 2016

First Faeirie Faire for the Forest + Upcoming Events!

Calling all forest fairies, elves, trolls, and dryads!  My shop, The Forest has recently become something of a greenwood general store in the local festivals.  It all started with the Baltimore Faerie Faire at the Church of the Guardian Angel right down the street from our new house!  

Even though I moved all the way across the country with nothing but a suitcase, between visiting my mom in Arizona, scavenging thrift shops and finding items on the forest floor, I had built up a squirrel's stock of materials to begin building my business from the ground up!

I went for a walk in the park with a friend and started gathering inspiration.  I felt I wanted to hold back on my weird woodland ways and not immediately crawl on the grass to gather.  But funnily enough, she started doing that before I did!  Saying things like "Ooh, let me get this clump of moss for you!"  She even found this piece of bark that fit like a bracelet. 

Later that night, I sanded it, stained it and added a flattened fern leaf, working like a forest forger possessed by Pan!  I looked around my workshop wondering what to add to make it really pop when I remembered this decorative wire of green glass leaves & flowers!  The Greenwood Gauntlet is my best piece and still available at my shop!

While vacationing in Arizona I saw a set of grass flip flops for $20 at a rest stop.  I immediately thought to myself "I could make that, better and cheaper!"  So with help from the elves and the shoemaker, I came up with the much more comfortable Feet on the Forest Floor Flip Flops!!!

My first festival in Baltimore was a success, and I will be vending at these next:

St Phillips Church Flea Market June 4th
Charles Village Festival June 5th
Ishtar Belly Dance Concert  July 30th
Scary Fairy Ball October 22nd

Hope to see you there, fresh forest friends!

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