Monday, May 20, 2013

Back on Track

As the last days of midsummer drift away, I find myself back to work preparing for the change of seasons.  Only a few days ago, I was enjoying myself outdoors, under a canopy of leaves and a crescent moon lying on a big blanket on the plush grass playing Legend of Zelda.  The summer was a whirlwind of tinkering toys, sewing, long bike rides, iPods blasting folk bands, mingling at art galleries, driving to new places, dying batches of clothes deep forest green, hurricanes & heat waves, mushroom berry salad wraps, and wasted days...

Now I'm busy as a bluebird with school: studying Writing Skills, Theatre, and Wizardology this fall!  Today I awoke early and dyed sheets of paper, fed the cats and wrote wise words with a wooden pencil in my own personal one-room schoolhouse.  The vintage desk I got for free on the curb, ceramic forest figurines and all my school supplies turned my room into a pleasant work enviornment!  I'm feeling an odd connection to antique furniture, perhaps I had similar items in a past life? 

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