Monday, May 20, 2013

If I Were a House...

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If I were a house, I would be a tree house built in a large oak tree with purple heartwood boards, reeds, vines, leaves, nails, and love.  We'd built it ourselves like old pioneers.  My home is in the Forest where I want to go, a cottage in the treetops.  RV's, tents, rope bridges.  A commune.

The house would be located in a forest outskirting the city.  Some place like Oregon, or perhaps a place in the Netherlands, maybe even Black Forest, Germany.  These are the enchanted forests of the world I wish to visit. 

My house would be filled with cozy blankets and pillows, candles dripping wax, friends, animals, a potion kitchen, a TV with all my favorite films, a library for the community, glitter, fairy dust, leaves, art, crafts, good vibes, toys, magic wands, trees, berries, music, crystals...

If I were a piece of furniture I would be a Victorian ottoman in deep forest green with dark brown legs, because I found one for free and had to carry it home in the pouring rain wearing a giant white tutu, corset and running makeup.

My favorite room to ecscape to is my tent.  I run to it to be away from it all.  It's like a portable room I can take anywhere with me..

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