Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Daily Outfit: Cafe Au Lait

What I wore to take pictures,
wait for the Motherlode to deliver Jesse’s surprise present
& shelve book at the library on a Sunday!
dress: thrifted at Dollar Madness
coat: found at the Lake Elsinore Women’s Club Rummage Sale
bag: thrfted, Dollar Madness
brooch: dumpster dived & spruced up
headband: gold leaves, Target

I was inspired by my morning cup of coffee, the many shades of brown…

Some say brown isn’t a real color, but I say it’s the richest, most vibrant
earthy shade of all!

I bought this cute vintage Kodak Parytime II at the Cornerstore,
I plan on adding some woodgrain contact paper to it and buying film online,
it’s an instant camera just like the Polaroid.  
Note the triforce logo....perhaps this is a newer model pictobox?

I don’t recall where I found this pinecone pin, probably got it for free somehow,
it had a small hole in the bottom I threaded some wired pine through since I felt it was missing something…

“Wow, that’s a lovely coat, wherever did you get it?”
“Why, I snagged it for a song at the Women’s Club…”
“Bullocks!  That’s a vintage Bullocks of Lakewood coat!”
I absolutely adore my new winter coat, which I bought at the Women’s Club Rummage Sale my town hosts
once a year in a historical building.  I love this tag because I’ve always loved letterblocks and live in Lake Elsinore,
love the woods.  I can just imagine it in a swinging 60′s London boutique…

Sadly, my basic browns got scuffed up.  Guess that’s what I get for crawling around on the library
floor all day and marching through the woods without a care in the world.
Oh well, they just add the the charm of sensible shoes….

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