Monday, May 20, 2013

Daily Outfit: Forest Tinker

Lately I've been feeling more fairytale than forest, so I challenged myself to wear only forest fashions for a week to get back to my roots.  I climbed trees, went on walks through town and played at the park today wearing:

a Leaf Fairy Dress that I cut up,
Care-Bear hair,
dyed grass slippers,
a chain of golden leaves,
an adventure bag,
granola bracelets,
a faux pelt purse
& a leaf hair clip!

Isn't this tree squirrel coin purse cute?  I rescued him from the Thrift Store Dumpster and hung it from my bag...Overall, I love this outfit so much!  I've never felt more forest!  Most of the items were found yesterday and came together beautifully.  Someone even told me I had a Peter Pan vibe going on...

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