Monday, May 20, 2013

I Want to Be....A Library Page

Pedaling hard, I rode to the Vick Knight Lakeside Library on horsebike, resume in hand.  I was applying for the job of Library Page.  Pages were traditionally young people working in a castle during the Medieval times.  There are also Pages on tarot cards, they have evolved into the playing card Jacks.  The position seemed so glamorous, shelving books in the castle library, sharing a love of reading with the prince, and sneaking up to the tower at midnight to study magic with the Grand Wizard.   I wanted to make the right impression so I wore brown slacks with gold buttons, sturdy black shoes, a white top and black vest.  My resume had been carefully dyed brown with coffee and left to dry in the sun to give it an antique look.  I carried a copy of Hans Christian Anderson's Fairy Tales as a prop.  I filled out the application in ink with my best handwriting and turned it in.  I hope I get the job!

You're coming home from your job at the library all the way across the bridge
You're coming home from your job at the library, memory repeats the clip...

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