Monday, May 20, 2013

Daily Outfit: The Tale of Tatterhood

Once upon a time, there was a queen who desperately wanted a child.  She looked out into the castle courtyard and saw a filthy child playing with the pages and noble children.  When she tried to shoo the beggar brat away, the child said "You might not be so quick to throw me out if you knew that my mother was the most powerful witch in the village.  She knows you long for a child and can make it happen."  The queen apologized at once and asked to meet the mother.  The witch gave the queen special seeds and instructed the queen to plant them under her bed.  "In the morning, two flowers will have sprouted.  Eat only the beautiful one..."  The queen followed her advice, and lo and behold the next morning there were two flowers, one beautiful and one withered and black.  The queen devoured the first one, then the second just to be sure.  Nine months later she gave birth to twins.  The first baby was beautiful and perfect, the second was ugly and wild.  They called her Tatterhood, for she wore a dress of rags and tatters.  Tatterhood grew up to be a free spirit, riding around on the back of a goat in the forest and carrying a wooden spoon at all times.  She went on many adventures, from saving her sister from a troop of witches to begging her parents to provide her with her very own ship to travel the world in!  One day on her journeys, there was a kingdom with a major troll problem.  Tatterhood defeated the trolls and won the hand of a prince in marriage.  The prince's brother would marry her sister, and was quite happy with the arrangement.  Tatterhood's groom was appalled at his new wife to be and asked, "Why do you ride around on that goat?"  To which she replied "Tis not a goat, but my noble steed."  The prince looked down at a white unicorn!  "Why do you wear rags?"
"There are not rags," she said "They are garments of the finest silk."  In the blink of an eye, the brown rags were gone and she wore a dress finer than any in the land.  "But why do you carry around that wretched spoon?" he finally asked.  Tatterhood declared "It is my magic wand!" and tapped herself.  The prince couldn't believe his eyes when she turned into the most beautiful maiden in the land, surpassing even her sister in looks. So they rode off happily ever after...

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